The moment when Sam legit questioned if he’d gotten out of hell.


spn graphics challenge
↳ prompt 1: then and now

spn graphics challenge

prompt 1: then and now

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i drew for this au i madei’m just gonna post this and go hide.

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url graphic for stargazingsam

url graphic for stargazingsam

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I’ve been watching a shit load of Project Runway lately so naturally all I can think about are DEANCAS AUS SO HERE WE GO

  • PR AU where it’s all about menswear, and Castiel is an eccentric designer who loves deconstruction and mixing patterns, but can also tailor the shit out of a classy business suit.  Dean is his model who quickly and EASILY becomes Castiel’s muse.  Even when Castiel is unsure of his design, as soon as he puts it on Dean it looks incredible, because that boy can make anything look good. [[Cas especially loves designing pants that accent Dean’s bowlegs.]] Dean gets all huffy when the judges are extra harsh towards Cas, but Castiel is mostly unaffected by their words, finding Dean’s faith in him strengthening. 
  • OR how bout an AU with designer!Dean because I LOVE designer!dean and there’s not enough of it in this u n i v e r s e. He would make sharp suits, sexy coats, and have a knack for accenting with pocket squares and ties that can bring out anyones eyes, so imagine Dean’s glee when Cas is his model with his bluest blue to evER BLUES!  Unfortunately, every time Cas gets undressed in the workroom, Dean fumbles with his measuring tape and can barely construct a sentence let alone put a garment on the man.  Castiel tries to pretend like he doesn’t understand what has Dean so distracted, but he’s betrayed completely by the blush on his cheeks.
  • bUT I also love the idea of BOTH Dean and Cas as designers competing against each other!! They’d totally bicker at first, but over time they’d learn to get along, respect each other’s design aesthetics, eventually becoming confidants and obviously MUCH MORE.  When it comes down to the very end and it’s just the two of them but only one will Be The Winner of Project Runway, when he’s chosen, they practically barrel into each other to kiss in front of all the judges, both feeling like they’ve won everything~~~
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his halo was brighter than the starsand his hands stronger than the seahe was ezekiel                 he brought change       graphic inspired by ezekihalo ᐂ

his halo was brighter than the stars
and his hands stronger than the sea
he was ezekiel
                 he brought change

       graphic inspired by ezekihalo
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When they say my name, perhaps I won’t just be the one who let the serpent in. Perhaps I will be known as one of the many who gave heaven a second chance.

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